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Ceccotti Collections creates furniture and wood designed and manufactured from 1988 to 2008, revealing and renewing day by day its extraordinary contemporary. Passion in shaping blocks of wood without the support and help of three-dimensional modeling and numerical controls, building furniture with traditional criteria, with hands and thinking, composing forms that still excite us and we stupiscono.Una passion is the invisible thread, bonding, personal and thought that unites and combines the research and the work of designer, Franco Ceccotti and all those who, in Ceccotti Collections, make available to their heart and irreplaceable, unique and wisdom of their hands to make extraordinary objects.

Arabella Toilette

Category: Desks

$ 9,703.84 VAT included

$ 11,838.69
Fabrizia Scassellati

Small toilet in American walnut with mirror.

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Shipping on: 23 Dec 2019

Bean | 181 cm

Category: Desks

$ 24,203.94 VAT included

$ 29,528.80
Roberto Lazzeroni, 1989

Difficult to describe an object from such a particular appearance. Bean / Big Bean is an office table that resembles 'the desks of the eighteenth century French and a little' desks English Tambour.

Shipping on: 23 Dec 2019