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E15 stands for consistent, progressive design coupled with high-grade materials and innovative, handcrafted production methods. As a quality modern brand that caters to a global home and contract market, e15 maintains a comprehensive approach to interiors, offering a distinct product that is compatible with diverse environments. In close cooperation with a coterie of designers, architects and artists, e15 develops original products and supports artistic statements, which reflect the brand’s philosophy and its open approach to diverse cultures and disciplines.

Jean Stool

Category: Stools

545,00 VAT included

€ 664,90
Stefan Diez, 2010

Jean consists of a seat with circumferential brim, which provides comfort and hold when seated.

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ST04 Backenzahn

Category: Stools

585,00 VAT included

€ 713,70
Philipp Mainzer1994

Considered a design classic, ST04 Backenzahn has become the icon that identifies e15 and part of several permanent exhibitions in museums.

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CR01 Martha

Category: Coat

595,00 VAT included

€ 725,90
Philipp Mainzer, 1994

CR01 Martha is a wooden hanger to be placed in a confident way to the wall on an idea by Philipp Mainzer.

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Category: Tables

3.295,00 VAT included

€ 4.019,90
Philipp Mainzer, 1994

Considered a design classic, the TA04 BIGFOOT™ has become an identifiable icon for e15. The table top is made up of seven or eight 40 mm (1 5/8 inch) thick boards. The solid wood legs always include the centre of the tree.

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