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Fiam Italia

FIAM was born out of one man's passion for glass

Founded by Vittorio Livi in 1973, FIAM designs, develops and produces items of furniture
curved glass, made following craftsmanship and industrial processes together,
actually merging tradition and innovation, crafting and design.
Vittorio Livi came to know and appreciate glass from a very young age. Of this material Livi
loves the apparent contradictions - solid and fragile, natural and artificial,
ancestral and industrial at the same time - but also for its practical qualities.
The glass is environmentally friendly and hygienic.


Category: Umbrella stand

640,00 VAT included

€ 780,80
Elio Vigna, 1991

Umbrella standincurved glass 10 mm.

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Homo Sapiens

Category: Coat

902,00 VAT included

€ 1.100,44
Fabio di Bartolomei

Valet stand in curved glass 12mm.

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Category: Desks

984,00 VAT included

€ 1.200,48
Daniel Libeskind

Desk consists of two bases in clear glass curved 12mm.

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Category: Coffee Tables

1.230,00 VAT included

€ 1.500,60
Lucidi e Pevere

Table composed of a base glass yarn woven in the traditional way and by a glass top 10mm.

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Category: Mirrors

1.525,00 VAT included

€ 1.860,50
Philippe Starck

Floor mirror or wall vtro 6mm.

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Category: Coffee Tables

1.533,00 VAT included

€ 1.870,26
Rodolfo Dordoni

Curved glass coffee table monoliticoin 12mm.

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Category: Mirrors

1.632,00 VAT included

€ 1.991,04
Roberto Paoli

Swivel floor mirror.

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Category: Coffee Tables

1.886,00 VAT included

€ 2.300,92
Paolo Lucidi e Luca Pevere
Table with legs bent glass extra light.
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